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Fun, Effective, Positive Trustworthy Training. For over 17 years we have accept all breeds, sizes and temperaments.  We use no fear based training tactics. We specialize in Service Dog Training, Basic Obedience, Therapy Dog Training, Behavior Modification (treating sever Aggressive behavior). We offer One on One Private Lessons as well as Boarding and Training.  We offer a FREE 15 minute "GET TO KNOW YOU CALL"? If you don't know whether you need a trainer, have a small problem  we may be able to talk you through, or if you are just not sure which of our services is right for you, please call us  will be happy to Help!  

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 Kathlyn grew up in southern California. As a little girl Kathlyn loved the ocean, and also loved rescuing dogs.  At 7yrs old her family went to go live with her Aunt and Uncle on sixty acres of land in the back-country of northern California. They had horses, chickens, turtles as well as four black labs that her family had rescued. Kathlyn felt she could hear what the dogs where saying . Kathlyn gained experience from learning how to teach the four free roaming dogs, and all the animals they had. These experiences as a little girl planted a seed inside her that blossomed with passion to understand the dogs mind more in depth, and how they are evolving with us. 

When Kathlyn was in her 20's she thought she wanted to study Marine Biology. However as she soul searched to figure out if that was the path for her, in 2001 she was the only 1 out of 300 applicants that got hired to become a trainer at Sea World in San Diego for the show "Pets Rule". Pets Rule was an agility show that rescued cats, dogs, pigs, ducks, exotic macaws and pigeon's and then trained them to do agility behaviors on stage. As a trainer at Sea World Kathlyn enjoyed reshaping emotional issues as well as teaching agility behaviors through clicker training (a type of training that quickly shapes the desired behavior) This where Kathlyn realized that dog training and dog rehabilitation was her niche. Kathlyn ventured on to help local humane societies rehabilitate dogs, as well as run local workshops to help educate the dog parents in the community on dog behavior, and proper etiquette. In 2010 Kathlyn was asked to be a trainer for the only dog water rescue team in the country, training dogs to save human lives out in the ocean. Kathlyn has trained dozens of service dogs that are now saving lives every day. Kathlyn has enjoyed teaching Service dogs, behavior modification (helping dogs heal from past traumatic experiences), Basic obedience, Search and Rescue, Scent, Diabetic assist, Seizure assist, and dogs to assist for PTSD.

Kathlyn's on going passion to help people and their dog's has become even more recognized in Colorado where she now resides. The local news has interviewed her a handful of times about service dog regulations, as well as service dogs in public schools. Kathlyn current involvements are community Q/A workshops, mentoring other trainers, and developing new ways to bring service dogs to those who need them. In 2016 Kathlyn started working with a well known bike manufacturing company in effort to bring productivity up in the work place. Kathlyn introduced it as "Bring your Dog to Work Program". It has been researched and proven that productivity goes up when employees are allowed to bring their dogs to work- they are happier, and so is the dog.

Kathlyn enjoys every facet of dog training  and specializes in Service Dog Training, Basic Obedience, Agility, Behavior Modification/Rehabilitation, Deaf Dog training, local workshops and classes. Helping dog owners and families is a passion that comes from her heart and soul. Kathlyn is so honored to help owners and their dogs have better communication, and emotional needs met for them to experience the joy that can easily flow. 

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